Development & Innovations

Since first days Epolac has always gave special attention to developments and innovations. “Smart Coatings” is our unique program for R&D promotion. For us innovation is to make things in a new and better way, and striving to introduce new products to the market. 

We are committed to making our products better, stronger, safer and in more sustainable ways that are faster and easier to apply. Our technical, chemical and engineering expertise is second to none when it comes to the paints industry.

More and more homes, businesses, factories, stores in Israel are protected by Epolac products. We are the leading polymer paints & coatings manufacturer in Israel with more than 50 years history. Our wide range of products helps provide suitable solutions to the people and their businesses throughout the country. We supply a broad range of highly engineered systems for the construction, industrial, and waterproofing markets.

HaMerkava 2, Nof HaGalil
Ziporit Industrial Zone