Epolac is proud to present its new factory in the Ziporit Industrial Zone – the “Green Factory”. The factory, as its name implies, was built on the values ​​of sustainability and environmentally friendly materials. This, in accordance with the company’s vision, which places the value of sustainability as a top value and puts it at the top of its priorities, In all our new and existing in all areas of our business.

In addition to our uncompromising commitment to the world and the environment, as well as to workers’ health and safety, Our company complies with strict local and international legislation and standards. We work hard to reduce our environmental impact while working for the company and providing the products and services to our customers all over the world. Due to climate change, and due to the need and even the international demand to reduce the amount of pollutants and harmful to the environment.

Epolac strives to produce, market and apply in its works more and more environmentally friendly, water-based paints. This is in order to reduce the environmental impact, while maintaining the qualities of the products and maximizing their performance.

Sustainability in general and contribution to the preservation of our world and even the improvement of the global ecological environment – All of them, as mentioned, are values ​​that serve as a candle to our feet, along all the company’s avenues – from management to production. We are committed to that.

More and more homes, businesses, factories, stores in Israel are protected by Epolac products. We are the leading polymer paints & coatings manufacturer in Israel with more than 50 years history. Our wide range of products helps provide suitable solutions to the people and their businesses throughout the country. We supply a broad range of highly engineered systems for the construction, industrial, and waterproofing markets.

HaMerkava 2, Nof HaGalil
Ziporit Industrial Zone