Open: Sunday - Thursday


Sigmarin Paints (1988) Ltd. manufactures paints and thinners for the metal industries

The defense industry and the military industry.

The colors are manufactured according to Israeli and international standards.

The types of colors manufactured in the factory are:

  • Synthetic primers
  • Synthetic finishing paints
  • Paint for direct paint on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum
  • Colors based on rubber chlorinated
  • Colors based on epoxy

Paints for Security Industry (TTE-516, TTE-527, TTE-529)

The colors can be obtained according to panels of shades or an agreed upon example.

The factory has ISO 9001: 2015 quality system, controlled by the Standards Institute.

In addition, the plant is defined as a “certified enterprise” by the Ordnance Corps, and the Air Force.



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